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It takes a lot of people power to keep things running at the farm! We need volunteers to do all of the physical labor needed to keep the Rescue running smoothly and the animals well cared for. Volunteers can help with the physical needs of the horses including grooming, feeding and providing TLC, or they can assist with barn chores such as cleaning stalls. We also need help with upkeep such as fence mending, painting and organization.

If you have other skills that could support Willow Farms, consider a planning and working at special events and fundraisers, writing articles, taking photos of new animals and helping to secure sponsorships.

Our volunteer program is designed to bring people that have a deep love and respect for horses and dogs together with those that need love and respect. Through a series of hands-on experiences, including diet, grooming, handling, medical and dental care, round pen training and riding, our hope is that volunteers will acquire the knowledge to interact with horses in a positive manner. By learning and demonstrating levels of responsibility and knowledge, our volunteers will advance to the point of teaching others.

During the hot, muggy days of summer as well as on the miserable, bitterly cold days of winter, the horses still need to be fed, the water buckets filled, the paddocks cleaned and the medications given. If you say you’ll be here, we’re counting on you!

Volunteer Orientation

The first step to getting involved is to contact Willow Farms and set up a time to tour the farm and find out what volunteering is all about.

You must be 15 years old or older to volunteer, unless accompanied by a parent. Parents of children under the age of 15 must work alongside their child and supervise them. Children under the age of 15 may not be left at the facility without a parent or guardian unless by explicit agreement with the facility manager.

Hope to see you soon!