The Horse That Lived

Empress is her name and she now resides at Willow Farms Rescue in , AL. For over a year, she resided in a hunting camp (about 100 acres) near Foley, AL. We suspect someone just dropped her off in the woods because they were tired of feeding her. Many horses would have died in these conditions, but not Empress. She would wander to the different deer feeders to eat grain. She would come up to the hunters to beg food. She survived hunting season, last winter’s freezing temperatures and wild predators such as coyotes. This summer, some of the local hunters noticed that she was starting to look pretty sick. She was thin and very weak. Willow Farms was called in to help. It took over a week to find her, but finally, we were able to load her into a trailer and bring her back to Willow Farms. Currently it’s her third day, at the farm and she already looks stronger. Her hooves have been trimmed and she is getting fed twice a day. Once she is a bit stronger, she will be wormed. Empress is a big red horse, almost 16 hands. She appears to be close to … Continue reading